The concept of Gastroteka "Prostye veschi"

The Gastroteca is a mixture of gastropub and vinoteca. Here we implement the best of what we have achieved in these years together with our new ideas. For example, we extended the kitchen area to free up more space for cooking magic. We offer our own baked bread, new deserts, breakfasts and lunches, and a seasonal menu that changes regularly. It’s a very Moscowish, a generous and cheerful place with true Zamoskvorechye vibes. This is a perfect venue for birthday parties as we offer a big range of items in the group menu. Lamb chops and aromatic crispy duck, golden-pink looking fish and tenderest fillet steak baked in the thinnest pastry known as Beef Wellington, the best of what you can do with a decent piece of meat. The same story about wines. We have arranged a special collection of big bottles for Piatnitskaya venue: Magnum, Double Magnum and great huge bottles named with jawbreaking names of The Old Testament kings. Size matters: wine in big bottles is better preserved for ageing. There is no reason to keep simple wine in 15-litre Nabucodonosor. Magnum means the best. It’s wine for parties and feasts. Come and drink wine is our mantra, and it works.